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Testimonials for Inovi Fertility and Genetics Institute

Office Lobby

I really enjoyed my scans here. The staff is very reliable, and I felt comfortable here. Especially with the help of Huong Le who has made it very easy for me and made me feel like if she was in the experience with me. She is very nice and helpful. Edith is also very kind, and she was helpful. The doctor was very straight with me and helped me get through my pregnancy. I never made it this far before. In the past I had 3 miscarriages and I’m glad this baby is going to make it.

Y.T., Houston TX

We feel so blessed to have found out about this clinic. Dr. Krotz has been helpful throughout this journey of treatment and ensuring that we have a successful pregnancy after multiple losses.

Mistura A, Houston, TX

Dr. Krotz and the entire Inovi team are incredible. When my husband and I were struggling, they helped us have a healthy first-born son. Now we are pregnant again with their help a baby girl is due in 7 months! For anyone with struggles there is no better place in Houston to go to than Inovi.

Brittany H, Houston TX

Working with Dr. Krotz and the Inovi team was an amazing and irreplaceable part of our family planning. They made the whole journey feel exciting, personalized, and intimate. It was great getting to know each of the team members, and I honestly miss getting to see them for check-ins now that we have a confirmed pregnancy and have “graduated” to visits with a midwife. I know my wife and I will always cherish the help, care, and patience we received from everyone at Inovi throughout our IVF journey.

Marina S. Houston, TX

From our very first encounter with Inovi we have had nothing but great experiences. We left out initial consult feeling hopeful, and all our questions had been answered. Dr. Krotz made a plan, we felt comfortable with and got started ASAP. Scheduling appointments was easy with every appointment. The doctor and nurses were so thorough and took the time to make sure we had all our questions answered. I will never forget the appointment where I found out I was pregnant, and they did a little celebratory dance and I had shed a few tears as well. We truly feel so special here and feel like we are a part of the family we could not of had a better experience for such a scary time. We will forever be grateful for everyone here at Inovi.

Hope W, Houston, TX

We came to Inovi after two miscarriages, we had been to another fertility clinic before, but it didn’t feel like the right fit. Coming here felt warm and we were in the right hands. Dr. Krotz got right to it with scheduling all the necessary tests and procedures. Huong has been such a God Send. All the ladies in the front desk are always welcoming and warm. I love that we could ask all the questions and get straight answers. We are so happy we came here and that are leaving with a baby on the way! We will forever be grateful.

Amanda M, Houston, TX

Dr. Krotz and his team have made our dreams come true! The process was daunting at times, but the support and knowledge of his team got us through. I highly suggest his practice and look forward to working with them again. With faith, love, prayers, and Dr. Krotz all my pregnancy hopes came true!

Robyn S, Houston, TX

Inovi was the help we needed. I been trying to get pregnant for two years with no luck, but then we found Inovi and Dr. Krotz. His staff helped me get pregnant on the first treatment they suggested. Dr. Krotz and his staff provide the best service and make you feel comfortable throughout the whole process. I truly recommend them to anyone that needs help getting pregnant.

Ashley H, Houston, TX

My name is Britney Reed, and I located Inovi Fertility online. I’ve never been to a fertility specialist, but I felt that it was the time as my partner, and I have been trying to conceive and had been unsuccessful for quite some time. The office is beautiful, and Dr. Krotz’s staff is amazing. On my first visit I went alone, and I was extremely nervous, but as soon as I settled into the beautiful waiting area I felt at ease. Natalia, the office patient representative is absolutely amazing. From the first time I talked to her and the initial visit and meeting her in person I immediately felt that I made the right decision. Dr. Stephan Krotz is absolutely amazing. I was already put at ease by his staff, but Dr. Krotz is very conversational, patient, informative, and it put me even more at ease. What was supposed to be an initial consultation to provide education and what the practice office turned into an evaluation, that while I was in the office Dr. Krotz’ staff confirmed my insurance covered. To my surprise, after an ultrasound, Dr. Krotz quickly suspected that I had fibroids. I was in shock because what I understood about fibroids was that they bring a lot of pain and menstrual issues which I did not have. Dr. Krotz immediately referred me for an MRI and of course his wonderful staff had it set up. All I had to do was show up for the scan. A few days later, via video consultation Dr. Krotz confirmed that his suspicions were indeed correct, and I had multiple large fibroids that were in the way of me conceiving. I was terrified, but immediately regained hope as Dr. Krotz assured me that he can remove them and leave my uterus intact so that we can begin the next process in my fertility treatment. Within a couple of months, surgery was scheduled for an open myomectomy and everything went as planned. Once again Dr. Krotz provided exceptional bedside manners by speaking with me in depth prior to the surgery and being there at the hospital for a visit the very next day to check up on me. Dr. Krotz office diligently followed up with my employer to ensure all paperwork was provided so that I was able to receive disability pay. While recovering from such a major surgery was challenging not only did I feel that I had the support of my family, but I had the support of Dr. Krotz and the Inovi Fertility Team. I also want to mention, my scar from surgery is pretty much nonexistent, so that is a major plus. I recommend Dr. Krotz to any couple wishing to conceive, and to any woman who had issues that I experienced. Definitely reach out to Natalia and she will get you connected with Dr. Krotz, and the amazing Inovi Fertility team!

Britney Reed, Houston, TX

After 5 years of wondering why we couldn’t get pregnant we decided to seek some advice. We were referred to Inovi by our insurance and the experience couldn’t have been better. The office is gorgeous and the staff are so incredibly friendly. They really make you feel like an individual and not just a number. They were thorough with all our testing and honest about results and likelihoods. By some miracle after my HSG test I got pregnant naturally!!! We couldn’t believe it. Even after conception the team continued to monitor the growth of the baby ahead of my own OBGYN. They were really there for my husband and I even though we no longer required fertility treatment. I can’t say enough good things about this team and could literally write a novel about my amazing experience. When you visit you will be in great hands.

FCS, Houston, TX

After 8 years of infertility and 2 rounds of IUI with no results, we are finally here. Thanks to the hardworking team at Inovi Fertiltiy & Genetics Institute. Through IVF and all the emotional support we received from this team, we are expecting our first child. We would not have been able to go through this process without this team. We are forever grateful.

Happy Patient, Houston, TX

I was recommended to Dr.Krotz from my gynecologist that I have been with for over 10 years. I am 40 years old not knowing if I want children in the future but wanted to freeze my eggs “just in case”. I am in good physical shape and eat semi healthy at 145lbs. During our first consultation I had a good feeling about him. The initial consultation was not rushed and he told me everything I needed to know about doing my egg retrieval procedure and the steps we needed to take. Everything financially was stated up front with no surprise costs and very fair in pricing.

He has very good bed side manner and when things didn’t go as planned with my body, he tried everything to avoid an extra surgery and it worked. He called me when he thought I was having doubts and feeling down to reassure me everything will work out. The process took a few months longer than I expected but with this type of situation you have to be very patient. Because of the timing of my cycle and injections we had to meet one Saturday right before my procedure and he opened his office just for me with his technician. That. was. impressive. Thank goodness Dr.Krotz is extremely caring and patient. I commend him for being thorough and confident in the execution of making my egg retrieval case a success. I was extremely happy with my results and entire experience with this staff.