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Fertility First Steps

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Making the decision or acknowledging that you need to seek additional help to become pregnant takes courage. Taking the first step toward fertility treatment begins with the right partner for the journey.

Choosing Inovi as your partner offers you a state-of-the art facility for treatment of infertility conditions in an environment that maximizes well-being, comfort, and an experience that integrates the body, mind and latest medical advances through your fertility and wellness journey.

As an internationally recognized fertility physician and researcher, Dr. Stephan Krotz, heads the center and delivers outstanding results with statistics that speak for themselves.

Many patients choose Dr. Krotz as their fertility specialist based on his qualifications and expertise. With over 17 years of experience in the field of Reproductive Medicine, his work possesses a passion for excellence in fertility, biotechnology and service to patients.

Being conveniently located in the heart of Houston, Texas outside the congestion of the medical center at 3773 Richmond Avenue, our clinic is easily accessed by our patients.


Inovi Fertility and Genetics was designed to meet you right where you are and support you emotionally and physically throughout the entire process.

As you enter, our unique facility design embraces you with caring, compassion and attention to detail. Interior spaces have been created for privacy and peacefulness. Immediately you will begin to sense our mindfulness and relaxation concept that has proven to lower stress and lead to successful pregnancies. Our goal was to deliver an environment where you and your partner regain strength to make the decisions for your future.

Although you may have many questions and feel apprehensive, we are well prepared to answer each of these. We know each person has a different journey and we listen patiently and compassionately so that you are at ease on your exciting new path!

Come experience your first steps toward fertility with Inovi!

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Questions You May Have Prior To Your Fertility Visit

We understand you may have questions prior to your appointment or need information to decide to schedule a meeting with your doctor. If you need a better understanding of the fertility evaluation and process to plan to make that first step, we have prepared the following information here for you to learn more:

  • Always see your doctor
  • Evening, weekend and video appointments
  • Most current technology offered
  • Easy office communication
  • Customized treatment protocols
  • Spanish speaking doctor & staff
  • All services in one location
  • Accepts major insurance

If you decide to continue with a fertility evaluation, tests that might be necessary for you and your partner could include:

  • Hormone Testing
  • Ultrasound
  • Hysterosalpingogram
  • Semen Analysis
  • Genetic and Viral Testing

At Your First Visit

Your first meeting will include time for you and your reproductive endocrinolist, Dr. Stephan Krotz, to discuss your condition that led you here, as well as how to plan for your future fertility. We will provide details on your preparation for pregnancy and leave nothing to chance.

Discussions will include current and recommended vitamins and supplements, a healthy lifestyle protocol, your emotional aspects to fertility treatments and help you understand more about fertility treatments that are available for you and your partner.

Inovi Fertility’s In Vitro (IVF) lab, innovative reproductive technology, genetic testing and hormone evaluation make Inovi a first choice for patients seeking to become pregnant and determine the cause of their infertility.

Meet Dr. Krotz
Dr. Krotz