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Donor Sperm and Egg (Gametes) Bank

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Donor sperm and egg banks are critically important to many men and women experiencing advanced infertility issues. They provide hope for couples desiring to nurture and experience children and a family.

In many cases for women who have been diagnosed with premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve or poor egg quality, this may be your answer.

Deciding to be an egg donor is a big step but most say it is one of the most exciting experiences of their entire life. They receive many benefits during the process such as receipt of their genetic and health tests and are compensated for their time commitment as well as are rewarded by giving the gift of child to others.

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What is Egg and Sperm (Gamete) Donation?

“I love seeing the transformation people undergo from being discouraged to seeing the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat. This is a process that transforms lives.”

Dr. Stephan Krotz

When you use egg or sperm donation, you are selecting either or both from someone other than yourself in order to have a child.

By using a donor sperm or donor egg, one of the partners can still be genetically linked to their baby. With embryo donation neither partner has a genetic link to the baby.

However, at times, both you and your partner may be unable to provide an egg or sperm so receiving donation of both would be necessary.

Potential Reasons for Using Sperm and Egg Donors:

  • No available eggs
  • Poor quality eggs
  • No available sperm
  • Poor quality sperm
  • Genetic disorders likely to be inherited
  • Single men or women
  • Same-sex couples

We provide hope for couples desiring to nurture and experience children and a family.

How Does the Process Work in a Sperm or Egg Bank?

Sperm or egg donors and recipients go through 3 steps:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Psychological


This involves testing and screening of you and your partner as well as the donors and typically includes:

  • Medical history and exam
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Genetic carrier screening for potential risks


Laws and contractual agreements are important elements in the process of sperm or egg donor banks and cover obligations, roles and expectations of both donors and recipients. These are reviewed and signed by both donors and recipients and typically contain the following elements:

  • Financial responsibilities
  • Plans for future contact
  • Other arrangements


Being a donor or recipient carries important emotional and psychological milestones that are addressed in specific counseling sessions prior to the donation.

Having prepared and discussed these during the donor counseling process allow everyone to be ready to be part of this exciting journey.

Evaluation specific to the recipient of the donation:

  • Mental preparedness and status
  • Readiness to accept another’s genetic material as their child
  • Disclosure to others
  • Contact of all parties once child is born

Donor evaluation:

  • Mental status and preparedness

Know Your Facts On Sperm and Egg Donation

Sperm and egg donation banks are wonderful avenues that provide thousands of men and women with the option to fulfill their dream of a family. As you consider this option, be aware of a few important facts and recommendations:

  • Consult with a fertility specialist who is trained in reproductive medicine – laws fluctuate by state and country
  • Secure legal counsel who specializes in reproductive law in the state in which you and the donor reside
  • Make certain your psychological counselors are trained in donor transfers
  • Work through how and what your future child and others will understand about this process
  • Know the privacy laws and how that affects the documents of this contractual agreement

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